plyo ball, 8 lb, 7

plyo ball, 8 lb, 7

Plyo Ball, 8 lb, 7" Diameter
SKU: 5068-01
Used for training upper extremity mobility, proprioception, strength and agility as well as acceleration and deceleration. No bounce feature incorporates an air bladder that helps balls hold shape and maintain velocity.
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Product Benefit

  • Trains proprioception, coordination, agility and power
  • Create reaction games and drills designed to improve agility, function and coordination.
  • Distinctive ‘no-bounce’ feature offers true return at the velocity in which the Plyo Ball is thrown. Excellent for executing ball smashes.
  • Unique air bladder ensures roundness and can be inflated using a standard ball pump.
  • Soft touch, highly textured surface promotes fast grip action even with aggressive use.
  • Plyo Balls from 2-20 pounds, in three sizes, provide maximum flexibility for program design in rehab and sports conditioning.

Product Features

Plyo Ball 8 lb 7" diameter

Warranty and Shipping

Commercial Warranty: 90 days
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