GRAVITY is Total Gym’s premier group fitness program that optimizes instructor resources and expertise with affordable, time efficient semi-private and small group training for members.

Offering unparalleled program variety, GRAVITY workouts, from boot camps to choreographed Pilates, inspire member participation and put Total Gym equipment to maximum use in your health and wellness facilities.

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GRAVITY Program Variety

GRAVITY programming includes choreographed, large and small group resistance training with music, Pilates with full mat and reformer repertoires, and goal specific private and multi-client personal training.

GRAVITY programs for special populations are available through a large online video library, DVDs and live courses including for Post-rehab clients, children and teens, high-performance athletes and weekend warriors, and for all ages and fitness levels.

Calendar of courses
GRAVITY Training Courses

Facilities launching GRAVITY initially complete the Total Gym GRAVITY Foundation Course, a two day comprehensive onsite training for instructors and staff that includes:

  • Complete exercise library and program design strategy
  • Implementing small group, choreographed workouts for strength and endurance
  • Revenue model for 1 to 1 and multi-client personal training
  • Presenter mastery

Additional Certificate Courses and Workshops include:

  • GRAVITYPilates :: Reformat Evolved® – 1 day
  • Workshops – 2 to 6 hours

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GRAVITY Program Development

Total Gym offers business customers exclusive online support for continued GRAVITY Program growth and development. The sub-nav menu selections above include the following:

  • Events/Courses – where you can see GRAVITY in action at our scheduled events and tradeshows, find our GRAVITY course schedule and enroll in the courses that interest you.

  • Marketing Support – where you can download templates for ad campaigns, posters, flyers, press releases, coupons, shelf talkers and more and find promotional merchandise for publicizing GRAVTY in your facility.

  • Training DVDs – to renew your GRAVITY sessions regularly with updated and fresh content.
    • DVD programming for your GRAVITYGroup, GRAVITY Pilates or your GRAVITYPersonal Training sessions
    • Each DVD workout is supported by several training progressions via online video clips and training tips
    • Each DVD offers program specific posters and fliers for download

  • Coaching Videos – Free video workouts, exercise sequences and progressions containing:
    • Sports Specific Training Concepts
    • Master Trainer Favorites
    • Creating a Total Gym GRAVITY workout – virtual program

Calendar of courses

Become a GRAVITY Instructor

Complete the 2 Day Total Gym GRAVITY Foundation Course.

Pre-requisite: 18 years of age and hold a current fitness certification from a professional certifying organization or a degree in Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Biomechanics, Kinesiology or equivalent from an accredited university.

Additionally, to teach GRAVITY Pilates, Total Gym recommends instructors have Polestar®, STOTT®, Balanced Body, or other equivalent certifications consistent with PMA guidelines in addition to completing the GRAVITY Foundation Course:

Pilates Course Prerequisites:

GRAVITY Pilates :: Reformat Evolved Series: requires mat certification.