Total Gym Pilates Course

Total Gym Pilates Course

Total Gym Pilates Course
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A 1-day course at your facility for fitness professionals who have a Pilates certification and would like to teach the mat and/or reformer Based Repertoire on the Total Gym Flagship Line featuring the GTS or PowerTower. The course is led by a certified Master Trainer and can accommodate a maximum of 20 students with a 2:1 ratio of students to equipment. Pre-requisite: Total Gym Foundation Course.
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Product Benefit

Reformat Evolved Series uses the revolutionary GTS® to establish a progressive repertoire blending traditional mat, reformer and Pilates evolved exercises using gravity as resistance or assistance. Within this eight hour training course, mat certified Pilates instructors will experience and apply Reformat Evolved repertoires; develop an understanding of the biomechanics of Pilates on the GTS; review the fundamentals of GRAVITY Pilates; achieve an understanding of the GRAVITY Pilates exercise principles of alignment, breath, and core control; and learn optimal class design and implementation. At the end of this course, participants will be able to teach the Reformat Evolved repertoire and be introduced to additional GRAVITY Pilates programs.

Course includes: GRAVITY Pilates Basics™ & GRAVITY Reformat Evolved Manuals GRAVITY Instructor™ certificate (required for in-club training)

Course pre-requisite: Total Gym GRAVITY Foundation Course OR GRAVITY Group & GRAVITY Personal Training Course

(.8 ACE, 6.0 AFAA, 8 contact hours PTPN) for 8 hour