Total Gym Progression Strength Series; Bonus: Pilates

Total Gym Progression Strength Series; Bonus: Pilates

Progression Strength Series; Bonus: Pilates
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Get started quickly with a 30-minute total body workout in Progression One : : Strength Fundamentals. Progress your knowledge and proficiency with Progression Two : : Strength Plus. And take it up a notch with advanced exercise options in the 45-minute Progression Three :: Amplified Resistance.

Includes special section— Get to know your Total Gym and folding/unfolding instructions.

Reformat Evolved Series allows for immediate success with Pilates movements unique to Total Gym. Three progressive stages prepare you for Pilates success.
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Product FeaturesThe Progression Series helps you get started and keep going, improving your success and results on Total Gym.

Package Includes 4 DVDs:
Disc 1
Progression One: Strength Fundamentals

A 30-minute total body workout guided by Rob Glick, popular nationally recognized fitness program developer.

Disc 2
Progression Two: Strength Plus

A 30-minute intermediately challenging total body workout—also guided by Rob Glick, takes you to the next stage of success and results.

Disc 3
Progression Three: Amplified Resistance

A complete 45-minute total body workout, Amplified Resistance features more advanced exercises.

Plus: Getting to know your Total Gym, and folding/unfolding instructions are included.

Disc 4
Reformat Evolved Series introduces you to traditional Pilates mat and reformer exercises as well as functional Pilates evolved movements that are unique to Total Gym. Three routines prepare you to advance and get results with Pilates on TotalGym.
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Box size: 9.00" x 2.00" x 12.00
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