How to Look and Feel the Way You Want

How to Look and Feel the Way You Want

High Voltage Circuitry
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Move in 3D with High Voltage Circuitry! This dynamic circuit workout is designed to build the musculoskeletal system through three planes of motion working the trunk, shoulders and legs. Master Trainer Jeff Groh creates 9 functional stations utilizing Total Gym incline trainers, medicine balls and the PlyoRebounder® to drive ground reaction force using momentum of mass in all three planes

Program includes 4 high voltage components—stimulation of the central nervous system, learning about how the body works naturally, encouragement that connects you to your clients and earning potential, virtually doubling your capacity for small group training!
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Product Benefit

High Voltage Circuity challenges the body as it is naturally meant to move through tri-planar training. Designed as a nine-station circuit High Voltage creates stimulation for the circuity of the body, including the central nervous system, the vestibular system and other integral systems that keep us highly functional. Intgegration of musculoskeletal activity improves balance, coordination, strength and endurance.

Product Features

    Workout DVD 1 & 2: High Voltage

  • Safety Instructions Workout
  • The Workout and Exercise Series


    Approximate Running time:
    DVD 1: 85 mins
    DVD 2: 65 mins

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