gravity pilates :: infused core™

gravity pilates :: infused core™

Infused Core
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Join GRAVITY Master Trainer and international presenter Helen Vanderburg as she harmonizes traditional and evolved Pilates exercises with fast-paced, core-guided fitness conditioning in this innovative 60-minute program. Total Gym allows participants of all levels to achieve traditionally advanced Pilates exercises earlier in their training to enhance mobility, stability and strength. Challenge the core three-dimensionally and draw closer to delicious, whole-body transforming results with Infused Core.
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Product Benefit

Infused Core builds the foundation for a stronger body through evolved Pilates exercises and contemporary three-dimensional core training. Participants benefit from this dynamic, core-guided workout on Total Gym, where the machine's natural incline allows users to achieve advanced Pilates exercises earlier in their training. Participants of all fitness levels can see rapid results in functional control, increased strength, spinal stability, flexibility and improved body awareness.

Product Features

  • Safety Instructions
  • Workout
  • Core Series Breakdowns


    Approximate Running time: 60 minutes

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