gravity group :: resolution™

gravity group :: resolution™

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Designed to quickly inspire motivation and increase staying power for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, Resolution is the ideal work out for those who are new to fitness or to GRAVITYTraining with Total Gym. Enabling individuals to work within their own comfort levels, the emphasis on pace and base-building encourages maintenance of an elevated heart rate to improve cardiovascular conditioning, while increasing muscular strength and endurance.

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Product Benefit

Home exercisers will see results quickly with maximum calorie-burn and emphasis on quality of movement.

GRAVITYTrainers can offer a program that will deliver quick results that meet newfound goals and a refreshed client base.

Physical Therapists can offer this as a beginning workout for new participants for clinical based fitness training.

Product Features


  • Introduction to Resolution
  • Resolution Workout
  • Breakdown Movement Sequences
  • Safety Tips

  • Promotional DVD

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