gravity group :: compound structure™ two

gravity group :: compound structure™ two

Compound Structure Two
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Join GRAVITYMasterTrainer Rob Glick in this 30-minute, high-energy workout for all fitness levels. Utilizing compound movements that flow continuously from one exercise to the next, this program challenges balance, proprioception, coordination and stability. Participants experience increased strength and flexibility as they perform fluid three-dimensional functional movement patterns that enhance focus and control, and increase the ability to successfully perform activities of everyday life.

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Product Benefit

Home exercisers will begin to experience the variety of movement patterns available on Total Gym incline trainers. This amazing workout keeps mind and muscle concentrated and focused throughout the program.

In-club GRAVITYTrainers will learn how to incorporate the principle of distal mobility with proximal stability, incorporating sequences of compound movements through integrated multi-plane patterns.

Physical Therapists looking for additional tools to add to the Total Gym tool box can benefit from the sequencing patterns presented in this program.

Product Features


  • Introduction to Compound Structure Two
  • Compound Structure Two Workout
  • Breakdown Movement Sequences
  • Safety Tips


    Approximate Running time: 33 minutes

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