3grip pull-up bar

3grip pull-up bar

3Grip Pull-up Bar
SKU: 6902-02
One single accessory facilitates pull-ups in three different grip positions—wide, narrow and hammer grip—for maximum variability. It lets you put the focus where you want it—on the upper back, biceps, lats or any combination.

Gym Compatibility: 14000, 26000, GTS Classic 6003-01, PowerTower Classic 6007-01
Price:  $189.00
Sale Price:  $49.50 + Shipping

Product Features

  • Three Distinct Grip Positions—Wide, Narrow and Hammer Grip
  • Easily attachable and detachable

Warranty and Shipping

  • Warranty: One Year
  • Shipping: Shipping weight 9.00 lbs
  • Box size: 42.00" x 11.00" x 8.00"