GRAVITY is the premier group fitness program that optimizes instructor resources and expertise with affordable, time efficient semi-private and small group training for members on Total Gym equipment.

Offering unparalleled variety GRAVITY Training encompasses strength, endurance and cardio workouts, boot camps and interval training, as well as Pilates and Yoga inspired mindful movement classes. GRAVITY inspires member participation and puts Total Gym equipment to maximum use in your health club or wellness facility and our stand alone GRAVITY Studios.

GRAVITY Inside License

Harness The Power of GRAVITY Inside Your Facility

GRAVITY : A Total Gym Studio™ is a completely unique and intelligent approach to studio fitness. The innovative program formats called :FORMS, evolved from, expanded and improved upon the original concept of the GRAVITY System introduced to health clubs in 2003 by Total Gym.

GRAVITY Studio group class :FORMS are now available to health clubs and large scale facilities through a licensing program. Each of the GRAVITY class :FORMS uses the world renown incline bodyweight trainer, Total Gym GTS, as its primary equipment to deliver these spirited, music-led, high octane, group fitness workouts. Sessions are time efficient 40- 50 minute moderate to high intensity workouts, for maximum impact in minimal time.

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1. Initial GRAVITY Inside training consists of:
  • Online coursework
  • 2-Day live training at your facility

The GRAVITY Inside curriculum teaches your trainers the foundational principles of movement on Total Gym with a focus on delivering specific class formats for TRU:FORM and TRANS:FORM.Participants complete online coursework prior to the 2-day live onsite training.

2. Quarterly :FORM Updates:

Progressions and new workouts quarterly. See available class :FORM descriptions.

3. Rights to use the GRAVITY brand and marketing materials for member engagement:

Imagery and logos for GRAVITY branding, leaflet, referral card,posters, flyers and announcements, web site assets, sign-in/up sheets and GRAVITY merchandise artwork are supplied digitally on the GRAVITY extranet for you to download and print locally.

4. Connection to Online Extranet:

Website repository for access to GRAVITY digital files including informational documents, schedules, marketing resources and source files as they become available.

5. Connection to ClubConnect:

Access to course curricula, exercise libraries, new workouts and updates for all class :FORMS, with unlimited licenses for trainer use. Nominal monthly fee applies.



Total-body functional conditioning that maximizes efficiency and effect. Participants become strong and mobile, working at their own ability and pace. Features personalized coaching in a spirited group setting on Total Gym. 40 and 50-minute sessions.


Endurance, strength and compound movement training that integrates core conditioning at every turn, twist and bend. Participants experience transformative, goal achieving physical results through vigorous music-led group training with personalized coaching on Total Gym. 40 and 50-minute sessions.


Mindful, rejuvenating and focused training for inner renewal.Participants gain greater body awareness, stability and flexibility to sustain daily activities with more efficiency and ease. A melding of mindful movement and breath awareness with an evolved approach to Pilates, yoga and other mind body practices in the unique environment of bodyweight training on Total Gym. 55-minute sessions.


Dynamic, high-intensity power sessions that offer a variety of functional equipment and training methods to increase agility,strength, explosive power and mobility. Participants can expect circuits, indoor cycling intervals, suspension and reactive training, and more in these high-octane, cardio-based 40 - 50 minute team-training sessions.


1. Purchasing and signing GRAVITY Inside license:

Includes requirements to complete specified education and training and to maintain program and brand quality and compliance.

2. Provide dedicated GRAVITY branded space within the facility

3. Complete initial GRAVITY Inside™ training.

4. Engage members:

Use supplied marketing source files to produce branded communication to members—in your facility and on your website.Maintain compliance with GRAVITY Inside marketing requirements in all public facing advertisements.


1. You have the choice of offering four (4) class :FORMs at your facility.

Your initial fees include training for TRU:FORM and TRANS:FORM.Both utilize only Total Gym GTS and a few accessories. You have the option to purchase two additional training days for PER:FORM and IN:FORM. See :FORM descriptions.

2. Additional training in San Diego.

We offer an extended training program for GRAVITY Studio franchisees in our San Diego offices. GRAVITY Inside locations may participate. Additionally, GRAVITY Inside locations may attend specified regional symposiums, summits or other training events.


1. Connect with Us
2. Purchase and sign License Agreement
3. Purchase Necessary Equipment
4. Begin to plan and brand for GRAVITY.
5. Schedule and attend the initial GRAVITY Inside training
6. Market to your members
7. Launch your GRAVITY Inside program

Click here for a pdf of GRAVITY Inside.


"I just wanted to thank you (Annette and Rich) SO much for introducing me to GRAVITY at TAD. My experience with both the Pilates and Tru:Form classes has been amazing and quite honestly, life changing (and its only been a few weeks!). With all my autoimmune issues, my muscle and joint health is a fine balancing act between strengthening and keeping things safe, and the small group with the instructors has made this so easy and NOT intimidating for someone like me starting at "ground zero". I am finally starting to feel strong again since my illnesses began almost 3 years ago and I am so grateful for this new experience. I am definitely committed to keep things going!" - Colleen, Member at the Triangle Academy of Dance, Cary, NC

"I like how versatile the Total Gym GTS is. I enjoy teaching and participating in group workouts on the Total Gym GTS because it’s an engaging piece of equipment, and the group makes it more fun. I think participants are surprised how effective and challenging the GTS is. The Total Gym GTS gives our participants, that wouldn’t participate in strength or resistance training on their own, a great option to do so in a supervised group setting. Participants with different fitness levels can use it as a group because there are options for progressions/regressions and ability to increase/decrease tower height for resistance. I believe that by having the GTS machines we are making an impact on our student staff - it’s giving them a great option to train and teach in. They are able to provide a new element to their programming." "- Auburn University Trainer

"I love GTS and GRAVITY - our members say it changes their bodies-- stronger, leaner and it's all fun. We recouped the cost of our GTS's in 6 months with our small group training."- Michele Melkerson, BB Fitness Studios

"We love Total Gym! I have 5 GTS units in my clinic and the GRAVITY program has helped a ton of patients be fit and lose weight. It keeps them connected to our practice and adds a great option for our business."- - David Browser, TexPTs

“The training was excellent. I like the new programming for a few reasons:

1) It re-energizes and re-calibrates everybody back to the basics. Some people go overboard with creative license and it diminishes what GRAVITY is supposed to be. All of a sudden it's not GRAVITY anymore – we had people running around the track and doing boot camp style workouts, only because they were trying to keep it fresh.

2) The new TRU:Form and TRANS:Form formats allow for consistency and integrity in the program. It keeps everybody structured and regimented, and if you have instructors who tend to go rogue, this doesn’t allow for that. At the Y, we created an image of being healthy and wellness first. Whether it's with the Y-USA Livestrong program that helps rebuild yourself after surviving cancer, or if you just want to get fit and well; we don't want to be a gym first, we want to be a wellness center and community first. With this format, it breeds that idea because instructors can encourage members to be conscious of safety first, and building a community. We're not here to beat you up and intimidate you. But you're going to get a hard workout! Everybody can come, I don't care who you are. The consistent TRU: and TRANS: programming helps keep everybody with the same goals in mind.

3) Trust the workout and the program. Sometimes it's more us, as the instructors who get bored, more than the members. Keep in mind if you're teaching 3 days per week, you won't have all the same members. If you start to feel it's boring, it only is for you, not the members. The program allows you to go back to the choreography from last quarter. If you want to mix it up, you can use last quarter's format. Instructors still have a pocketful of things to do and still stay in the format yet it still stays true to what the program is.

4) The master trainer and training course was incredible. The two days flew by, and we were engaged the whole time. It's a lot to ask people to give up a whole weekend – most are moms or young people – and they had to give up a lot of family time. But they were committed, and they walked away glad they did it. One of the instructors didn't want to teach to music, he thought it was going to be too hard, and in general had a lot of concerns. Ricky Russell, the Master Trainer, acknowledged those concerns but also said to trust the process – and after going through the course now he wants to teach extra classes! I'm so impressed. Everyone walked out feeling great about it and wanting to implement the new format. Even the ones I thought they were going to fall out, who were resistant to change, are fully bought in. I'm really jealous because I can't get up there with them!” - Allison St. Pierre, Health & Wellness Director of Saratoga Springs YMCA, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

Joe Szombathy Sees Results with GRAVITY                               Jo Lisenby is Hooked on GRAVITY

Pat Gianelloni Gets Addicted to GRAVITY                                    Kate Richeson feels Empowered with GRAVITY
The GRAVITYSystem Outside the USAGRAVITY is the premier group fitness program that optimizes instructor resources and expertise with affordable, time efficient semi-private and small group training for members on Total Gym equipment.

Offering unparalleled variety GRAVITY Training encompasses strength, endurance and cardio workouts, boot camps and interval training, as well as Pilates inspired mindful movement classes. GRAVITY inspires member participation and puts Total Gym equipment to maximum use in your health club or wellness facility.

GRAVITY Program Variety

GRAVITY programming includes choreographed, large and small group resistance training with music, Pilates with full mat and reformer repertoires, and goal specific private and multi-client personal training.

GRAVITY programs for special populations are available through a large online video library, DVDs and live courses including for Post-rehab clients, children and teens, high-performance athletes and weekend warriors, and for all ages and fitness levels.

GRAVITY Training Courses

Facilities launching GRAVITY initially complete the Total Gym GRAVITY Foundation Course, a two day comprehensive onsite training for instructors and staff that includes:

  • Complete exercise library and program design strategy
  • Implementing small group, choreographed workouts for strength and endurance
  • Revenue model for 1 to 1 and multi-client personal training
  • Presenter mastery

Additional Certificate Courses and Workshops include:
  • GRAVITYPilates :: Reformat Evolved® – 1 day
  • Workshops – 2 to 6 hours

GRAVITY Program Development

Total Gym offers business customers exclusive online support for continued GRAVITY Program growth and development. The sub-nav menu selections above include the following:

  • Events/Courses – where you can see GRAVITY in action at our scheduled events and trade shows, find our GRAVITY course schedule and enroll in the courses that interest you.
  • Marketing Support – where you can download templates for ad campaigns, posters, flyers, press releases, coupons, shelf talkers and more and find promotional merchandise for publicizing GRAVTY in your facility.
  • Training DVDs – to renew your GRAVITY sessions regularly with updated and fresh content.
    • DVD programming for your GRAVITYGroup, GRAVITY Pilates or your GRAVITYPersonal Training sessions
    • Each DVD workout is supported by several training progressions via online video clips and training tips
    • Each DVD offers program specific posters and fliers for download
  • Coaching Videos – Free video workouts, exercise sequences and progressions containing:
    • Sports Specific Training Concepts
    • Master Trainer Favorites
    • Creating a Total Gym GRAVITY workout – virtual program

Calendar of courses

Team Training using Total Gym Equipment

Comprehensive Education Support

The Total Gym Flagship Line offers the utmost versatility for individual and team training while providing additional profit generating opportunities for your facility.

Our courses will prepare instructors and trainers to teach group strength training and Pilates classes on Total Gym equipment as well as to efficiently and successfully utilize Total Gym within the personal training program to reach your members’ ultimate goals:

  • Core Conditioning
  • Weight Loss
  • Post-Rehab
  • Strength Conditioning
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Pilates

Put Total Gym equipment to maximum use in your health and wellness facilities with one or more educational offerings.

Total Gym Foundation Course

Total Gym Pilates Course

ACE Total Gym Introductory Online Course