DVD Products

We want you to have access to the highest quality GRAVITY training available. So, we’ve asked our Master Trainers to create some very basic to very advanced workout DVDs that will help you to get started and keep going with your Total Gym GRAVITY training program.

Pilates, Mind-Body

Fresh Breath Twogravity pilates :: fresh breath two
Sale: $9.95
Fresh Breath Threegravity pilates :: fresh breath three
Sale: $9.95
Infused Coregravity pilates :: infused core™
Price: $32.00
Reformat Amplifiedgravity pilates :: reformat amplified
Sale: $9.95
Reformat Evolved Seriesgravity pilates :: reformat evolved series®
Sale: $9.95
Reformat Matwork Seriesgravity pilates :: reformat matwork series®
Sale: $9.95
Total Gym Elevate Circuit