Physical Therapy

Total Gym has been providing effective, safe, and functional products to the rehabilitation market for over 30 years. Our products allow patients to progress safely and with measurable results.

Click here to watch video demonstrations of how Total Gym is used by physical therapists for applications in rehabilitation.

Functional Testing Gridfunctional testing grid
Price: $249.00
Total Gym Core TrainerTotal Gym Core Trainer
Price: $1,295.00
Total Gym GTS Clinical PackageGTS Clinical Package
Price: $5,209.00
Total Gym GTS Essentials PackageGTS Essentials Package
Price: $4,443.00
Total Gym Leg TrainerTotal Gym Leg Trainer
Price: $1,295.00
Total Gym Pilates PackagePilates Package
Price: $626.00
Total Gym PowerTowertotal gym powertower
Price: $5,295.00
Total Gym PowerTower Clinical PackageTotal Gym PowerTower Clinical Package
Price: $6,709.00
Total Gym PowerTower Essentials PackageTotal Gym PowerTower Essentials Package
Price: $5,943.00
Total Gym Press TrainerTotal Gym Press Trainer
Price: $1,595.00
Total Gym Pull-up TrainerTotal Gym Pull-up Trainer
Price: $1,595.00
Total Gym Strength PackageTotal Gym Strength Package
Price: $871.00
Total Gym GTSTotal Gym GTS®
Price: $3,795.00
Closed Chain Platformclosed chain platform
Price: $395.00
Slide Distance Regulatorslide distance regulator
Price: $89.00